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Lion properties is an Online Rental House Marketplace in bhubaneswar . It is easy way to find the Rental Houses where Tenants connect with verified Agents

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If you are looking for any kind of real estate property in Bhubaneswar, we welcome whole heartedly. We are the best real estate agents in Bhubaneswar

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Lion Properties is successfully catering to the requirements of its clients and it is also known for the good faith in offering suitable properties to the individuals/firms with any type of commercial property needs.

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Architecture Design

Architectural services include two interrelated but distinct endeavors: the planning and design of buildings and spaces, and the administration of construction contracts on behalf of clients.Design and planning incorporates more than merely the aesthetics and organization of buildings. it also ensures that the designs for buildings conform to zoning, building codes, and safety requirements.

Interior Design

We work with clients to explore their individual style and lifestyle needs to create tailored designs for beautiful and functional spaces, bringing new ideas that are beyond what our clients imagined. It’s not just about a beautiful space, its how you live in it. The firm has a practice with a diverse portfolio of creativity, innovation and experimentation. Starting with residential interiors in the initial years .

Engnineering Works

The construction and engineering industries face a unique set of challenges such as ensuring projects are completed on schedule, that the materials used are both safe and of a certain quality, costs do not overrun, compliance to corporate social responsibility standards are adhered to and effective risk management is applied at every step of the way.

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